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Generators can be a vital part to your household or business, losing power for even a short period of time can create a lot of chaos.  Whether you have  medical monitoring for an elderly person at home, have a business that has an operation that needs constant power, or just enjoy the convenience and security that a standby generator installation ensures, we understand. 

Stand by generators are completely automatic, the instant your power goes out the Automatic Transfer Switch senses the problem and kicks on the generator, no manual starts and most important no headaches. As soon as the utility power comes back on the generator shuts off and you are restored to utility power and your home or business continue to operate normally .When disaster strike, you can feel good that you have planned ahead, and protected those things that matter most to you. 

Married 2 Electric is your Chester county electrician, is an expert in the ways of standby generators.  Whether you are having new generator installation, or you require generator maintenance, generator repair, or generator service, we will deliver the solution you need.

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